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Hairstyles Inspired from Game of Thrones

Double Buns -Arya The best way to keep your short hair tied up in the scorching heat. Vintage Braids – Old Nan Milkmaid braids that are pretty and the twist and turns are very exciting to make as well.   Powerpack Braids -Daenerys’s She sported tight braids with loose waves that look edgy as well as feminine. French Braid- Sansa This style is very basic yet elegant for any occasion.   Calm waves- Cersei’s Two…

Types of Different Hairstyles

Bob Hairstyles It is difficult to maintain long hair and even more troublesome to style them. Braids and buns do the trick but become coming and boring easily. Bob cut hairstyles are a heaven sent for those who love short hair. Braid Hairstyles A braid hairstyle is a complex pattern formed by interlacing three or…