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Hairstyles Inspired from Game of Thrones

Double Buns -Arya
The best way to keep your short hair tied up in the scorching heat.

Vintage Braids – Old Nan

Milkmaid braids that are pretty and the twist and turns are very exciting to make as well.


Powerpack Braids -Daenerys’s
She sported tight braids with loose waves that look edgy as well as feminine.

French Braid- Sansa
This style is very basic yet elegant for any occasion.


Calm waves- Cersei’s
Two twisted braids on the top with multiple waves in the strawberry blonde coloured hair.


Braids that Slay -Nymeria’s
The leather accessories compliment her twisted over the ear braid at its best.

Curl it out- Margaery
Tightly curled hair in a bun with loose curly strands at the bottom paired with a royal gown.

Platinum Braids –Daenerys
The braid style would make for a beautiful bridal style.

Descending Curls –Daenerys
Flowy curls for an easier look as compared to her complicated braids.

Keep it Natural -Sansa
She keeps her hair loose and natural and hair at the top are pinned back for a cleaner look.

Tighten them up – Cersei
Her signature look with basic curls for a twisted and curled style.

Spark it up- Sansa
She had a beautiful updo with an effervescent hair piece.

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