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7 Tips for Best Hair Colour Result

Here are 7 basic things to keep in mind while thinking about coloring your hair:

  1. Consider the condition of your hair and the color you want to have before coloring as different hair type have different result for hair color.
  2. Choose the color according to  your skin tone.
  3. When you are not sure which hair color to choose, always go for a light shade so that if you do not like it, you can fix it.
  4. If trying for the first time, go with a non-permanent colour.
  5. Even with professional help in a salon, do not go for a drastic change in hair color. Stay close to your natural or present color shade.
  6. Type of hair will certainly make a difference so choose the color according to your hair length, texture, etc.
  7. After coloring, take care of your colored hair with color-treated hair product.

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